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Expat Medical Insurance

A fundamental asset whilst overseas

If you are fortunate to come from a country that provides free medical cover you will be acutely aware of Governmental attempts to curb the rising costs of healthcare provisions. We read, almost on a daily basis, about service cuts, hospital closures and waiting lists that now extend to months and even years in some cases. Returning home for expatriates to receive free medical provision is therefore very often not an option.

(Please visit our expat travel insurance page If you require medical insurance for short periods of travel up to one year)


Global Health Care Cost Indicators

Costs of common medical treatment can cost thousands

Global research of healthcare costs has found that many popular destinations for expats have some of the highest hospital charges in the world.

Surveys looking at the costs for short stays in hospital to treat issues such as stomach problems, gastroenteritis, ear infections and hospital treatment for broken bones revealed that the costs of medical care vary significantly but even in ‘cheaper’ countries you could still face huge bills.

Heart Attack

Singapore $8,500
Beijing $12,800
Cancum $21,300


Austria $25,000
Melbourne $75,500
Beijing $94,500

Femur Fracture

Portugal $8,400
Austria $16,900
Thailand $44,800


Liberia $3,100
Kenya $4,000
South Korea $6,200

Acute Appendicitis

Bahamas $3,800
Costa Rica $9,500
Chile $10,200


China $1,300
Togo $1,600
Thailand $2,000


It is a little-known fact that airlines routinely refuse sick passengers to board aircraft (due to airline liability issues). Individuals with medical problems are simply too great a risk for airlines to assume liability.


If you are a UK national the NHS will refuse (National Health Service) cover for expats if they have been absent from the UK for too long.

Most expatriates are highly unlikely to benefit from any host countries free medical service - even if one exists !!


If your medical condition does allow you to fly back to your home country you will most likely have to joins the waiting lists for treatment at best - long waits may well compromise your medical conditions and medical outcomes.

Do I really need expat medical insurance - I'm fit and healthy ?

Hopefully whilst reading this you are in good shape and you are fit and healthy - the trouble is that guaranteeing you remain fit and healthy is impossible !!

Sadly we are all subject to what 'life throws at us :

  • unforeseen accidents
  • a sudden illness
  • a critical illness diagnosis

these are events that we do not plan or schedule for, but they are events that occur daily and for many people

Being an expat does not provide immunity - take a look at Peter Robinsons' - a true case of a retired fireman who suffers an unexpected stroke in Manila without medical insurance nor financial resource, this is just one example of an expat catastrophe.

Choose between comprehensive and budget friendly essential medical insurance contracts

Learn more about each of the elite and the more budget friendly packages below.

We will gladly assist in the preparation of quotations to meet your specific requirements or purchase the IMG Global Medical Insurance directly.


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Elite Plans

Comprehensive Packages


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Global Medical Plans

Comprehensive Packages

Not all insurance contracts are 'born equal'

Having read this far the chances are that you are rightly concerned about the sudden impact a set of hospitalisation bills could have on your finances.

You may also have recognised that owning expat medical insurance is essential financial protection

The selection of your medical insurance provider and the plan itself is extremely important as it can have long-lasting implications.

In recommending expat medical insurance plans we have very strict criteria as to what is and what is not acceptable to ourselves and our clients.

We choose only to advise on those companies and contracts that have proven and demonstrable track records.

We are not a 'cost-compare' advisor - we do not advise purely on price - we do however advise on value, claims handling, service standards, features and benefits and the all important terms & conditions.

Our experience and due diligence enables us to recommend contracts that will provide the protection you require when the need arises.